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History Capsule: Boundary Creek

The community of Boundary Creek is a small area in Westmorland County. The southern boundary is the Peticodiac River, on the north there are mountains and Salisbury is on the west.

In the year 1765 a large tract of land in the county was granted to a land company on condition that they would bring settlers to the country. In those days, it was the governor's duty to see that colonists were placed on the land and it was a custom to give large tracts to land companies whom we today would call "promoters" on condition that they would bring settlers to the country. It was a common method used to open up the country.

after some years, the land companies failed to live up to their agreement with the grown and the settlers. Their land was taken and settlers were given an opportunity to obtain the land directly from the crowd. These settlers were undoubtably Acadians that were previously established at Port Royal.

This is how Boundary Creek was first colonized. Stay tuned to learn more about our community's history with future history capsules coming soon.

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40th Wedding Anniversary

Hi Everyone, It’s been so long since I have posted anything, I hope you're all safe, had your first or second covid shot and if you're like us, you're getting excited for New Brunswick to potentially ease into the green phase. We want you to know we are very excited, all of our staff is “clean it right” certified, our cottages will be ready for our guests to enjoy starting July 1, 2021. As exciting as this is, what I really want to share is a sweet little love story that I came across tonight.As I am working on putting the finishing touches on our Jones Brook cottage in Boundary Creek tonight. I stepped out of the front door of the cottage and found a lovely couple Dave and Kim McPherson and grand daughter Grace parked with their beautiful vintage muscle car taking pictures of themselves with our church cottage in the background. Turns out they are celebrating a wedding anniversary. June 16, 1979 they were married in our church, it was so fun to speak with them, they came in, for a tour and took pictures, they also gave me permission to share this story and these pictures with all of you. Please join me in wishing Dave and Kim a Happy Wedding Anniversary from our entire team here at Old Church Cottages and all of you our Facebook followers.Thank you for following us, hope you enjoyed this little love story. We want to wish you a great Sumer and hope to welcome you in our cottages this summer.

Bonjour à tous, J'espère que vous êtes tous bien, et que vous avez reçu votre première ou deuxième vaccin de covid. Si vous êtes comme nous, vous avez hâte que le Nouveau-Brunswick passe à la phase verte. Nous voulons que vous sachiez que nous sommes très enthousiastes, tout notre personnel est certifié " clean it right ", nos chalets seront prêts à accueillir nos invités à partir du 1er juillet 2021. Aussi excitant que cela puisse être, ce que je veux vraiment partager est une petite histoire d'amour que j'ai découvert ce soir.Alors que je travaillais à mettre la touche finale à notre chalet de Jones Brook à Boundary Creek ce soir. J'ai sorti de la porte d'entrée du cottage et j'ai trouvé un couple agréable, Dave et Kim McPherson, et leur petite-fille Grace, stationnés avec leur belle voiture musclée vintage, en train de prendre des photos d'eux-mêmes avec notre chalet d'église comme arrière-plan. Ils célébraient un anniversaire de mariage. Le 16 juin 1979, ils se sont mariés dans notre église. J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à leur parler, ils sont venus faire un tour et ont pris des photos, ils m'ont également donné la permission de partager cette histoire et ces photos avec vous tous. Joignez-vous à moi pour souhaiter à Dave et Kim un joyeux anniversaire de mariage de la part de toute l'équipe de Old Church Cottages et de tous ceux qui nous suivent sur Facebook.Merci de nous suivre, j'espère que vous avez apprécié cette petite histoire d'amour. Nous vous souhaitons un excellent été et espérons vous accueillir dans nos chalets cet été.