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Discover Moncton's Cultural Heritage

Places to visit

To learn about the history and culture of the Greater Moncton area, your first stop should be Resurgo Place.  Home of the Moncton Museum and Transportation Discovery Centre, this unique place offers visitors an interactive experience dedicated to history, science and transportation.

There are three main aspects of the RESURGO Place, the museum, the transportation centre and the historic sites that are scattered around the city.

First things first: The Museum

By visiting the museum, you will discover Moncton's unique saga of growth and survival depicted through artefacts and photographs. This exhibit relates Moncton’s history from the time of the Mi’kmaq to today. There are treasures to discover from the period preceding the Deportation of Acadians, the time when agriculture was Moncton’s primary economic engine, the golden shipbuilding years and the railway era.

Second: The Transportation Discovery Centre 

The development of transportation technologies changed the city of Moncton forever. Shipbuilding, railway and aviation have played a major role in the development of Moncton as a city and as a commercial center since the early 19th century. Imagine travelling through time by air, rail and sea as you discover Moncton’s moving history.

Third: Our Heritage Landmarks 

Across the city, you will find heritage landmarks such as the Free Meeting House (1821), The Thomas Williams House (1883), and the Treitz Haus (1769).

The sites have all been preserved by the municipality and are a must-see during your trip in the area.

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