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5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale at Work

An organization can't function efficiently without a team that is happy and fulfilled. Are your employees dragging their feet to work? Is FUN something you can't even remember happening in the office?

Employee morale describes the overall outlook, attitude, satisfaction, and confidence that employees feel at work. When employees are positive about their work environment and believe that they can meet their most important career and vocational needs, employee morale is positive or high.

Here are 5 ways to boost the morale of your team:

1. Have A Clear Purpose.

Make your employees feel like their job is much more than "just" a job. Everyone wants to feel like their work has a higher purpose. To do this, try to highlight and distribute how your employees make a difference for your customers. 

2. Training, Training, Training

There is nothing more rewarding than learning new skills that will help your team grow as professionals in their field. There are many assistance programs where businesses can benefit from funding or tax rebates when they invest in education for their staff.

3. Monetary Incentives

People who say that money does not motivate are lying. Money is a great motivator for most employees and in can be done in such manner where both the company and the employees win. Incentives drive behaviour, and sometimes, your sales team needs a little motivation to push them to perform and improve morale.

Consider adding a financial reward to motivate employees such as special performance incentive funds, SPIFs are short-term incentives that encourage reps to sell a specific product/service, contract terms, etc. Each time they do so, they earn a financial reward.

4. Encourage Innovation

Nobody wants to be put in a box or be dictated on how to do their job. Give employees opportunities to be creative and propose ideas that may not be directly related to their role. This creates an open environment for innovation and idea sharing that can motivate employees. The end result may even inspire a great project for your organization to pursue.

5. Go off-site

Leaving the office environment to regroup with your team can be very powerful. Offsite meetings are one part of an extended conversation – about strategy, goals, and/or tactics. They're a time to bring people together to make decisions so you can go back to the office the next day and start taking action.

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5 Fun Things To Do On Your Next Corporate Retreat

Yes, corporate retreats are mostly about getting some work done. However, retreats also gives you the opportunity to create lasting connections between members of your team. While it is important to accomplish your goals during a corporate retreat, putting some time aside for activities is a great idea. 

At Old Church Cottages, we believe that we have the perfect location for your next off-site meeting. While we offer all the modern equipment, you'll need to get things done, our unique location allows you to enjoy multiple outdoors and indoors activities.

Here are 5 activities you can enjoy during your next off-site retreat at Old Church Cottages.

1) Take the team for a hike: The church's surroundings are filled with beautiful nature trails. Grab your backpacks and set off to discover our region's most amazing landscape.

2) Start the oven: Equipped with a full kitchen, the Boundary Creek Church is the perfect location for you and your team to have a cooking/baking event. Cook a meal together or hire a professional chef to teach you how to make your favourite meal.

3) Make a Bonfire: Pack up your sweatshirts, a guitar and bring some marshmallows, we're having a bonfire! The church has a beautiful private terrace in the backyard where you can enjoy the charm of its natural surroundings.

4) Game Night: Return to your childhood with an epic game night with your team. Dust off your board games or use the ones provided by Old Church Cottages to create a memorable night.

5) Winery Tour: Discover the local wine scene located minutes away from the Old Church at Magnetic Hill Winery. They offer wine tasting and winery tours during the summer months and as you swirl, sniff, sip, and savour a delicious range of award-winning fruit and grape wines you'll discover why lovers of good wines are drawn to Magnetic Hill.

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How to Host a Successful Off-Site Corporate Retreat

Meeting held outside the office

Meetings held outside of your company's offices can be great motivators for your team. As we saw in our previous blog post, these meetings spark creativity, builds team spirit and helps to shape your corporate culture.  However, failure to be well-prepared for the meeting can turn your success into a total failure. To help your event run smoothly, here are 5 helpful tips for planning a successful off-site meeting:

1. Keep the groups as small as possible.

This sounds counterintuitive. With all the work that goes into the planning of this event, you would think that the totality of the company should be invited. However, having too many people at your off-site meeting can make it impossible to have inclusive conversations. 

The best size for your group would range between 5 and 10 people. When selecting your attendees, consider factors like experience level, job role, and tenure at the company. Try to assemble a group that has some diversity along those lines to maximize the diversity of opinions.

2. No rigid hierarchy, re-create your social contract.

Create a comfortable environment for your team. Everybody should feel empowered to share thoughts and ideas, without fearing an aftermath back at the office. Only when the group feels confident will you get them out of their comfort zone. Make them understand that "What happens at the offsite stays at the offsite". The only thing that should be enforced is respect between team members and assure that everybody has the chance to speak.

3. Pick a creative location.

A "Wow" location will produce "Wow" results for your team. The environment in which you host your meeting will make a huge difference for your team. While hotels and conference rooms do the job, there are many unique and creative options you can choose from such as the Boundary Creek Church.

4. Plan a schedule for the event.

The last thing you want is to end your meeting with nothing accomplished. Create a schedule of all the tasks you want to achieve and share with your team in advance. 

5. Make it fun… but not too fun.

All work and no play makes your offsite a dull day. But play it smart. If the point of the offsite isn’t team bonding, then don’t put a bunch of team bonding activities on the agenda.

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Corporate Retreats Builds & Shapes Corporate Culture

There are many benefits related to hosting an off-site corporate retreat. The main benefit being its ability to shape and build your corporate culture.

You might ask, what is corporate culture and why is it important? 

Corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviours that determine how a company's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions. Brands with strong company cultures tend to have the most success. They all work together, and this translates to the company’s overall image.

Here are 5 reasons why offsite retreats will boost your corporate culture:

It allows the sharing of ideas: An offsite is designed to be a safe zone where anyone can share ideas. They can allow people to share ideas in a place where they don’t feel like they’re going to be judged or shouted down.

The whole company comes together: For large and even small companies, it is rare when the people at the very bottom of the hierarchy have the chance to interact with top level management. An offsite retreats allows for everyone to come together under one roof in order to solve the problems in their organization.

Personal Development: Offsite retreats provide the perfect opportunity to work on yourself. In the hustle and bustle of the office, personal is usually a distant second to the here and now. That can make people think they’re stuck in a rut. An offsite is not like going for a drink after you leave the office. It’s a time to learn and grow.

A more casual company: in today's world, formality can be frowned upon. The public is looking or a more casual approach to doing business. This is why an offsite is so essential. It breaks the wall between management and the employees at the bottom. Offsite retreats are all about turning on the fun and avoiding any of the formality that comes with a traditional corporate culture.

Make your team feel appreciated: You can only make your company culture great if your employees feel great. Offsite retreats are viewed as a treat for employees and a break from their everyday schedule. so make sure to have fun while you're out there.

We'd love to have your company over for your next retreat. 

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